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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2014 For Videos in earlier years and performers' alphabetical list
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  DECEMBER Attila the Stockbroker 'Poison Pensioner'  
      'Auntie Rose'  
      '100th Anniversity of WW1'  
    Bruce Parry 'New York Retrospective'  
    Leah Cohen 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.....  
  NOVEMBER Barry Smith 'End Game'  
    Chris Sangster ''Prize Meal at India Gate'  
    Richard Hawtree 'Sonnet to Orpheus'  
    Sorrel Wood 'Catherine of Aragon & Anne Boleyn'  
  OCTOBER Brendan Cleary 'Planet Steve'  
      'Unhappy Hour' & 'Poteen'  
      'February Afternoon', 'Breakfast With Face' & 'The Amblehurst'  
      'It's Our Dance', 'Lincoln', 'Tomatoes' and 'At The Track'   
    Brian Clarke 'Remembrance'  
    Chris Sparkes 'Strong Hooch'  
    Erfan Daliri "He Was Only Ten"  
    Helen Whitten 'Anthology'  
    Richard Hawtree 'At the Burning of Sappho's Poems, AD 1073'  
  SEPTEMBER Jack Warshaw 'Pastures of Plenty'  
      'Wild Bill Jones'  
  AUGUST Maggie Harris 'Alphabet Shanty'  
      'I am a Guyanan Woman'  
      'Through Blue Eyes to Mali'  
      'Tourist Market'  
  JULY The Bundell Brothers 'Britanicus'  
      'Clewers Hill'  
      'I Loved Her Too Much'  
      'Wandering Jack'  
    Leah Cohen 'How Not To Relax' & 'Mind Your Ps and Qs'  
  JUNE Cam Brown 'The Hermit'  
      'Sister Josephine'  
      'The Demon Drink'  
      'Tights of White Satin'  
    Doc Stenson 'The Wicklow Boy' and 'John Stenson's Reel'  
    Hylda Sims & Doc Stenson 'Midnight Express'  
      'Down By The Riverside'  
    Paddy Brady 'Grace'  
  APRIL Barry Smith 'Eternal Riff'  
    Ensemble Occasionnel 'Dreamt Fish'  
    Gareth Toms 'Cycling Takes The Mute Out Of Commuting'   
    JPF Goodman 'Living Near An Airport'  
    Mark Cassidy 'Scaling The Heights' & '45rpm'  
  MARCH Hylda Sims 'Skins'  
    LiTTLe MACHiNe 'Fear No More'  
      ''Madam Life's A Piece Of Bloom'  
      'This Be Verse'  

'Summer's Gone'

  FEBRUARY Gilly - David Gilligan 'Reflections On A Photograph Dated 1917'  
    Leah Cohen 'Possimist'  
    Ron Jameson 'Young Albert, Tail-end Charlie'  
    Steve Tasane 'Anger Management Issues'  
      'Hoover Dog'   
      'Bill Sykes' Bulls Eye'  
      'What The Dickens'  
    Turi 'Bedtime in Our Country'  
  JANUARY audi maserati 'Hi Honey I'm Home'  
    Steve Pottinger 'Lampadusa'  
      'Thirteenth Floor'  


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