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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2013 For Videos in later years and performers' alphabetical list
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  DECEMBER audi maserati 'Three Covers'  
    Dave Knight 'Wasting Time'  
    John Smith 'Plagiarism'  
    Lysander White 'Mocking Birds'  
    Speech Painter 'My Jehovah Baby'  
      'All the Things You Can Buy on eBay'  
      'Who Put The Bomp In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp?'  
    Steve Tasane 'Alphabet Rap'  
  NOVEMBER Afric McGlinchey 'White Sky'  
      'No Need'  
    Jimmy Lee 'Lucy Cartwright'  
    Michael Sherman 'My Street'  
      'Who Are You?'  
  OCTOBER Dave Allen 'Bond Like Beach'  
    John Meriton & audi maserati 'The Elegant Rachman Ritz'  
    Leah Cohen 'Carphone Warehouse'  
    Richard Tyrone Jones 'Advice You Never Asked For'  
      'Security Marker'  
      'Strip Away'  
      'Geological Childhood'  
  SEPTEMBER Adnan al-Sayegh 'Passage to Exile'  
      'Drawing' & 'Absence'  
      'Mass Grave'>  
    Stephen Watts 'Brick Lane'  
  AUGUST Anthony Fairweather 'Inspiration'  
      'Golfin Dolphin'  
    Tasha Finn 'Dumped'  & 'He's Decided to say "I Love You"..'   
  JULY Patience Agbabi 'The Wife of Bafa'   
      'The Prioress' Tale'  
      'The Tale of Melibee'   
    Steve Tasane 'Cockney Rhyming Slang'   
      Save the Libraries'  
  JUNE Jack Dean 'Dysphasia'  
    Jilly Funnell 'The Pensive Partner of the Poet'  
    Michael Usuwana Three Instant Poems  
    Sven Stears 'Hounds' & 'Road Signs & Rocket Ships'   
  MAY Michael Usuwana 'Cynthia'  
    Susan Utting 'Hinged Copper Poem Dress', 'Becoming a Snake',  'Legacy' & 'The Stickler  
      'Everywhere', 'She's Gone Spanish for Love', 'The Love Witch' & 'For Herself'  
    Sven Stears 'Heroes & Villains'  
  APRIL Jill Funnell 'I've Got a House Like Miss Marple's House'  
      'The Encouraging Tale of a Lonely Heart'  
    Ivor Bundell 'Where Lies Randall?'  
    Mark Niel 'My Half of the Frig'  
      'Jigsaw Man'  
    Michael Usuwana 'Andrew'  
      'Heart Ache'  
  MARCH Dave Allen 'Combover' & 'Tickertape'  
      'Yo Yo'   
    Greg Harper 'Birdsong'  
    (acc by Chris Davis) 'Cuckmere Shore'  
      'Gibbet Wood'  
    (acc by Chris Davis) 'Highdown Hill'  
    Jake Claret 'Typhoons & Hurricanes'  
    Leah Cohen 'Perfect Timing' & 'The Beginning of My Divorce'  
    Maria Hewitt  'Rain' & 'Weather (The Umbrella)'  
    Michael Sherman 'The River Arun at Midnight' & 'A Million Starlings'  
    speekezewerdhogge 'Possessed', 'Lovesick Blues', 'Chicliterati', 'AHorse for a Haiku' & 'Marooned'  
  FEBRUARY Attila the Stockbroker 'Every Time I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You'   
      'Frogspawn Man Versus Boy Racers'  
      'Never Too Late'  
    Chris Sangster 'I'm Tired'  
    Gareth Toms 'To A Certain Estate Agent'  
    Jill Funnell 'On Again On Again Poet Mix'  
    Mark Cassidy 'Estuary English' & 'Disappearing Act'  
    Richard Peirce 'Palawan' & 'Ashes'  
    Simon Mouatt 'The Powers That Be'  
    speekezewerdhogge 'My Valentine', 'Conjugation' & 'Just a Kiss'  
  JANUARY Ash Dickinson 'Breakwater'  
      'One Week at Sea'  
      'The Boy Who Only Ate Butter'  
      'The Disposable Lifestyle'  
    Bill Don 'We Didn't Have That Green Thing'  
    Ivor Bundell 'Jack's Lament'  
      'The Cat's Tale'  


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