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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2010 For performers' alphabetical list and Videos in other years
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  DECEMBER Jacqui Redway 'The Saga Of The Sonic Chicks'  
    John Meriton 'Coney island' and 'Sweet Sara Wine  
    Paul Lyalls Anatomy of A Bookshop & Byronic Soul  
      'My Mate Darren' & 'The Value of Wales'  
  NOVEMBER Mark Niel My Name is Mark NIEL  
      First Kiss  
      A Night At Write Angle  
  OCTOBER Adnam al-Sayegh Text, Doors & In The Garden Of The Unknown Soldier  
      Agamemnon  & The Sky in a Helmet  
    audi maserati Psychedelic Celia  
    Bill Woods Canadian Rail  
    Chris Sangster The Energy of Alba  
    George Marsh Death Poem  
    Jacqui Redway 'I wish I'd Written that Poem'
'Where are The Lady Fauns?
    John Meriton It Wasn't So  &  You Might Find Love  


audi maserati Day  
Gareth Toms Earned Cake  
Jacqui Redway Playground & Catching Up with TheBirds  
JeanAnne Naumczyk Too Much M&B  
Kate Tym We Women, He is  Veg Patch & We Share  
  Bathtime, The Oldest One & This Girls' World  
  Sunday Morning TV  
Lee Gould Weeds  

  Ladies' Fingers  


audi maserati The Lazy Cowboy  
  Toby Tall as Two Sheds & Beach  

with the Dog Trio (!)

Go Crazy  
Chris Sangster Prize Winning Poem  
Gareth Toms My Father  
Liam Mulligan I Need to Peee  
Mike Knee Two Sets To Love  
    Mini Maseratis Three Rounds and a Sound  
Speech Painter A Dog's Life  



Cecilia Woloch Lethe  
  Postcard to Myself from the Lower Carpathians, Spring  
  Why I Believed, as a Child, That People Had Sex in Bathrooms  
Greg Harper All Gone  
John Smith The Lollipop Lady  
Stella Mandella From Ropley to Infinity and beyond  
Tony Dees The Table Turns & Just You and Me, Whisk  
Wendy Klein On A Road Near Koronovo  


Anna May Laugher Trove & Shore and Blue Furrow  
audi maserati The Aviator And The Outlaw, Charlotte Beloved By All, Almost There  
Chris Sangster Ring of Brodgar & Waking Up At Stanness  
David Knight The Poet Out Of The Sink  
Jean Jeffery Sunday In May  
Susan Richardson Defrosting  
  Thought For The Day  
  Who's Afraid?  


Caroline Blackburn Nip and Tuck  
David Knight Deep Clean Sleep  
Elspeth Spottiswood Darkness and Light  
Richard Staplehurst Dirty Generation  
  Known Unto God  


Aimee Afraid of the Dark  
audi maserati Smell  
John Meriton The Line  
  Canadian Spring  
Wendy Klein Some Midnights  


Aimee No Sense  
John Smith Sports Monologue  
Rob Johnston Station Song  
  The Highline  


Anna May Laugher Pecten Revolution  
John De Prey The Delhi Poems  
Leah Poems for Children  
Stella Mandella Zanita Zazoum  
  Beauty's Beast  

aka Elaine Crinnion

Junior Poets from Portsmouth  
Wendy Klein Picnic and Three-dog Night  


Brassneck Sensitive But A Bit Of A 'Rong 'Un  
  Depression Is A Young Person's Art Form  
Chris Fairweather The Fitness Class  
Leah Dedicated to Philip Larkin  
  How Not To Relax  
  Poet Heaven  
Philippa Berry Sooner or Later  
  The District of the Lakes  
Stella Mandella After Christmas  
Sven Stears Poetic Licence  









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