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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2016 For Videos in earlier years and performers' alphabetical list
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  NOVEMBER Project Adorno 'Blackeyes'  
      'Hammersmith Bridge'  
      'Hide & Seek'  
      'Famous Last Words'  
  OCTOBER Hylda Sims 'Cracker'  
      'The Bearable Oddness of Being'  
    Jilly Funnell 'On Again, On Again'  
    Jimmy Lee 'Hard Man'  
      'Written in the Sand'  
  SEPTEMBER Joelle Taylor 'Last Poet Standing'  
      'Crystal Kisses'  
      'Everything You Have Ever Lost'  
      'The Children'  
  AUGUST Chris Sangster 'Every Little Thing'  
    Colin Eveleigh 'Shall We Dance'  
    Jake Claret 'Grand Tour With Smelly Feet'  
    JeanAnne Naumczyk 'It's My Time'  
    Jilly Funnelll 'Red Shoes'  
    Tim Barrow 'Magpie Morning'  
  JULY Brendan Cleary 'Kylie Be Mine, Andy, Ringing Pete'  
      'Brightonia, Poem for R, Ringing Pete, Knowledge'  
      'Gift, Pucks Lane, Last Christmas, Number 55'  
    Jenny Lewis 'Read Our Footprints'  
    Speech Painter 'The Twat In The Flat'  
  JUNE Hannah Chutzpah 'Could I Have Some of That Too?'  
      'Necrokitty Comic Sans'  
      'Safety Scissors'  
    Jood 'All Very Well'   
    Liz Verlander 'To Kelley'>  
  MAY JeanAnne Naumczyk 'Fun In Sherwood'  
    John Haynes 'The  Ballad of the Petrol Queue'  
    Jilly Funnell 'Jimmy on a Cloud'  
    Tolu Agbelusi  'Instructions On Going Back Home'  
      'The Journey Home'  
      'Recipe For Happiness'  
  APRIL Cam Brown 'Christopher Colombo'  
      'She Left Me For Jesus'  
      'Lets Do It'   
      'On Again On Again'  
    David Roberts 'Black Swan'>  
    Liz Verlander 'What I Would Say To My 20 Year Old Self'  
    Paddy Brady 'I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon'   
    Richard Hawtree 'April'  
  MARCH Barry Smith 'Bosham Harbour'  
    Colin Eveleigh 'A Brush With Life'  
    Greg Harper 'Gossamer Wings'  
      'Cool Clear Water'  
      ''Bricks & Dust'  
    Jood 'Well I Never'  
      'Mountain Top Music'  
  FEBRUARY Colin Eveleigh 'Beautiful Bird'  
    Dominic Berry 'Tea'  
      'Oh! Aubergine'   
    as Dommy B 'Dragon in My Homework'  
  JANUARY Carrie Carrie 'Chioscuro On The Bus'   
    Justin Coe 'Summer Job'  
      'Baby of Mine'   


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