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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2012 For Videos in other years and performers' alphabetical list
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  DECEMBER Christina Casey 'Modern Love'  
    Mataio Austin Dean 'When the Sky is Broken The Sun Can Come Through'  
    Michael Sherman 'Switched Off'  
    Peter Farr 'Necropolis and The Nails of My Grave' & 'African Bandit'  
  NOVEMBER audi maserati 'How to get a Good Grip on A Ginger Cat'  
    Barry Smith 'Broken Glass'  
    Felicity Kay 'Walking With Keats'  
    Hannah Rose Tristram 'Fickle'  
      'Aj Izniknami Badem Drvo'  
      'Oh the Snow it Melts the Soonest'  
    Laura Jenkinson 'I Think I'm Achilles'  
    Mike Knee 'Prospect Lane'  
    Ray Owen 'Glorious Living'  
      'Only When You Know'  
  OCTOBER Chris Sparkes 'William Tyndale'  
    Paul Lyalls  'Only at the Movies'  
  SEPTEMBER Ivor Bundell 'Johnson Blues'  
     Matt West 'Anamatics'  
    Susan Richardson 'Nerrivik'  
      'Blodeuwedd in a Parka'  
      'The White Dark'  
  AUGUST Andy Comley 'Until Then'  
      'Rhyme and Reason'  
    Barry Smith 'Show Time'   
    Chris Sparkes 'The Wedding of the Russian Scarecrows in Sussex'  
    John Smith 'A Musical Journey'  
    Laura Jenkinson
'The New Merchants Tale'  
    Lysander White 'White Lies'  
    Mab Jones 'I Am Born', 'Three Coats' & 'Working Class Heaven'  
      'Middle Class Poets' & 'I am a Comic Poet'  
      'The End'   
    Phyllida Carr 'Prison Poems' 
  JULY audi maserati 'We're All Going To San Francisco'  
      'Ordinary Day'  
    Chris Sparkes 'Sign Language'  
    Ivor Bundell 'There's A Great Big Hole....'   
    John Smith 'Nostradamus'  
    Kensington & Chelsea Mental Health Carers Open Mic following Poetry Workshop  
    Tony Dees 'In The Hills Above Malaga'  
  JUNE Barry Smith 'Strictly X Factor - The Return of Dirty Den'  
    Bex Watson 'Sight'  
    Chris Sangster 'Don't Mistake the Weather for the Sky'  
    Jill Funnell 'Now You are Divorced from Your Third Wife'   
    Mick Hilton 'Lake Island of Innisfree'  
      'Vinzan Street'  
    Richard Peirce 'Leaving' & 'El Nido'  
    Rory Ellis His videos  
    speekezewerdhogge 'From Ragas to Witches', 'Firedance to an Old Flame' & 'Intransigent'   
    Dr Steven Ericsson-Zenith 'I Cannot Offer the Mediocre' & 'Vapour from Your Skin'  
      'Conversations with Mary'  
      'The Bridge'  
      'The Touch of Skin'  
  MAY Chris Sparkes 'A Garret Poet Inspects His Frigidaire'  
    Jill Funnell  'Blue Very Blue'  
    John Smith 'Not a Rant, Just Slightly Annoyed'  
    Lysander White 'Heroine'  
    Marc Carver 'Reading Poetry'  
    Michael Sherman  'Last Supper For One''  
    Richard Tyrone Jones 'Rematch' & 'Uncle's Advice'  
      'Unborn Children, & 'Visiting Time'  
      Wheel Clamper', 'Echo' & 'Heart Stopper'   
  APRIL audi maserati Dan Dare's Best Chat-Up Line
Truth is Butter<
The Buzz of Being
The Ballad of Stan and Rosie
Leonard Cohen's Llittle Green Plastic Plectrum
    Dominic Berry 'Tomorrow I Will Go Dancing'  
      Solid With Stardust'  
      'I'm Coming Out As A Vegan'  
      From 'WIZARD'
'Ursula The Kettle' & 'Playing Mortal Kombat'
    John Smith 'Third Tuesday'  
  MARCH Chris Sangster 'Flame for Peace' & 'Titanic'  
    Ray Antrobus 'My Poems Don't Understand Me'  
      'On Being a Sober Guy at a House Party'  
      'A Conversation With Grandma'  
      'Sometimes Conversation is a Hard Act to Follow'  
    Susan Utting 'Then', 'Dark Matter in Exploded View, after Cornelia Parker'  & 'My Heart'  
  FEBRUARY Bill Don 'Rules for Drivers' & 'Wok for Walk'  
    Chloe Lockyer 'Take a Bite' & 'Green Eyes and a Castaway'  
    Chris Sangster 'Mad Mary'  
    Chris Sparkes 'Dear Homer' & 'Screaming Hands'  
    Michael Sherman 'Dear John'  
    TARO 'Who Will Raise Their Voice'  
      'Pearls Across The Sand'  
      'Ready for the Storm'  
    Tim Dawes 'The Migration of the Water Boatmen'  
  JANUARY Jack Dean 'Selly Oak'  
      'For a Minute'  
      'Allen Ginsberg Breathing Exercise Part 1'  
      'I Once Knew A Girl Called Poetry'  
    Jezz & Matt 'Sweet Virginia'  
      'The Port Of Amsterdam'  
    Rachel Turner  'The Changeling' & 'The Hero of Hardai'  


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