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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2011 For performers' alphabetical list and Videos in other years
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  DECEMBER Chris Sangster 'Squirrel Nutcase'  
    Jezz & Matt 'St Robinson in his Cadillac Dream'  
  Rachel Pantechnicon 'Being a Teenybopper'  
      'Four Magnolia Walls'  
  NOVEMBER John Meriton 'It Seems Like Yesterday'  
  Jezz 'Tangled Up In Blue'  
    The Speech Painter His Videos  
  OCTOBER Danielle Hope 'Providing'  
      'Arrival' & 'My Muse'  
      'Mrs Uomo Books Her Hospital Appointment On Line'  
    Dave Knight 'David' & 'From the Perspective of the Frig'  
    Harry Haines 'The Door' & 'Still on Their Easy Breath'  
      'The Beginning' & 'Impressions Late Evening'  
      'Portsmouth Harbour' & 'Poem to be Read in a Pub'  
    Jack Warshaw 'United 93'  
    Michael Sherman 'Saved By Science'  
    Nick Molyneux 'To Make You Feel My Love'  
  SEPTEMBER Ash Dickinson 'Nose Candy'  
      'Recast Away'  
    John Smith 'A Brief History of Football'  
  AUGUST Dave Knight 'Multi-Story'  
    Krystyna Jankowska 'Luka'  
    Leah Cohen 'Old Fool's Gold'  
    Michael Sherman 'Taking The Gun'  
    Pete The Temp 'You Rely On Me'  
      'Thank You So much For Your Support'  
      'The Man'  
    Richard Peirce 'The Wall' and 'Orthoptera''  
  JULY Anna-May Laugher 'Egyptian Child's Coat', 'Tow', 'Cloche' and 'The Significance of Cotton'  
    Gill Learner Ties', 'Vaguely Vogue', 'Red Shoes' and 'Street-Wise'  
    Lesley Saunders 'Parachute Dress', 'Night Shirt', 'The New Look' and 'Nymph'  
    Stella Mandella 'Keyboard Choreography', 'Mr Nice Guy's Number' & 'Good Grief'  
    Wendy Klein 'Her Mustard Suede', 'Piroshka', 'Me In My Ho Chi Minh Sandals' and 'Aunt Ruby's Coats'  
  JUNE Peter Wyton 'The Lookout',  'The Convert's First Prayer At Cashel' and 'The Key'  
    Peter Wyton I'm Under the Stairs', 'Dad's Taxi Service'
and 'Magnolia Is For Officers Only'
  MAY Angela Kirby 'Midwinter Armistice',   'Taxi Dreaming',  'Dear Traitor' & 'Your Letter'  
    Hylda Sims  'On Not Writing My Novel',  'Lassitude', 'I'm Coasting Into Peckham' & 'Amalia Rodrigues'  
       'Waterloo Rose'  
  APRIL AF Harrold Very Small Donkey, Old Money & On Not Being Aegeus  
    AF Harrold 'Troll's Song',  Poem Too Sweet' & 'Goldilocks and The Three Wise Bears'  
  MARCH Mark Cassidy 'For The Record'  'Keeper of The Keys & Mrs Zhivago Irons (Home Movie)'  
    Anthony Fairweather 'Television: An Obituary' & 'Hirsty's Song'  
  FEBRUARY Bill Woods 'Black Horse Christmas 2010' &
'Miss Craig's B&B, Glasgow Road, Perth'
    David Knight 'IQ Haiku' & 'The Tooth, The Whole Tooth and Nothing But The Gums'  
    JeanAnne Naumczyk 'Child's Lament'  
  John Meriton 'The Ballad of Colin Loader' & 'Yesterday'  
  Leah Cohen 'Head On A Block' & 'The Errant Husband'  
    Liz Bentley 'Thank You Universe' & 'Aunt Margaret'  


Anthony Fairweather ''Writer's Block' & 'Universal Cure'
    Brian Evans-Jones 'Teeth'
Chris Sangster 'She' & 'The Mystery Letter'
John Meriton 'Winter Song'
Kirsty Kirkwood 'Then I Met Me'
Mab Jones 'Pentwyn'  & 'Angharad'
  'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'' &
'I wish I'd Looked After Me Tits'
'Working Class Heaven' & 'Working Class Hell'
Michael Scott Boyd 'Stepping Into Yourself'









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