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Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

  2015 For Videos in earlier years and performers' alphabetical list
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  DECEMBER Jake Claret 'Blank Verse at a Seminar in Frankfurt'  
    Nick Eisen 'DIY'  
    Paul Lyalls 'The Cult of Relationships'>  
  NOVEMBER Attila the Stockbroker  'A Sting In The Tail'  
      'Joseph Porter's Sleeping Bag'   
  OCTOBER Barry Smith 'Bath Comforts'  
    Colin Eveleigh 'The Queen's Paper Boy'  
    Dan Simpson 'Where I Came From' >  
      'Post Modern Post Office'  
      'Big Poem'  
      'Open Beta' & Epistemology'  
    Ryan Moss 'You Never Told Me That!'  
  SEPTEMBER Russell Stone 'They Have Stolen My Heart'  
    Sara Hirsch 'Baddum Tsch'  
      'Play Fair'  
      'The Proposal'  
  AUGUST Andrew Graves 'Radford Road'  
      'Middle-Aged Mod'  
      'Something Brave & Ridiculous'  
      'Little Dylan'  
      'This is a Place'  
    Colin Eveleigh 'Missing Man' & 'Seaside Dips, English Summer'  
  JULY Barry Smith 'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa'  
    Janet Turner 'A Fond Farewell'   
    Mab Jones 'Lover'  
      'Page 3 Girl'    
      'The Man Who Loved Goats Too Much'  
    Martin Myers 'Elspeth-Adam... Adam-Elspeth'  
  JUNE Chris Sangster 'Goodbye Love'  
    Spliff Richard 'Big Family'  
      'A Matter of Perception'  
      'They Don't Do As They Are Told'  
  MAY Brendan O'Connor 'The Charlatans'  
    John Gleadall  'Ginger Eyes'  
    Richard Peirce 'Wabi Sabi'  
    Rob Johnston 'Cathy's Bells'  
      'Age of Understanding'  
      'Little Voice'  
    with Paul Johnston 'Chasing Cars'  
  APRIL audi maserati The Overture: The Climb; The Beach; Day  
    Bruce Parry 'A Day Out with Garmin the Sat Nav'  
    Chris Sangster 'Guardian Angels'<  
    Susan Richardson 'Let My Words Be Bright With Animals'  
      'The White Doe'  
      'If A Lion Could Speak, We Could Not Understand Him'  
  MARCH AF Harrold 'The Mortal Zodiac'   
      'Heaven' & 'The Remembrance'   
      'Ups & Downs', 'Submarine', 'The Licence', 'Journalism'  
    Jake Claret 'The Producers' (Excerpt)  
  FEBRUARY Barry Smith 'Off Your Trolley'  
    Bruce Parry 'Mr & Mrs Insular'  
    Chris Sangster 'The Widower'  
    Leah 'Memory Foam Pillow'  
    Lucy English 'The Company of Poets'  
      'Ghost In Clapham'    
      'Let Me Be'   
      Winter Poem'   
  JANUARY Jake Claret 'That's My Girl'  


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