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Justin Coe "Justin is a poet, a comedian, an actor, a consommate performer, He is mobile, never still. His face is mobile, as if made of rubber, taking on the varied emotions of his work." 25th January, 2018  



Paul Lyalls "It was a memorable evening and contributed well.... " 10th January, 2018  


"He’s a great poet but also a stand-up comic and confident performer. His long lanky body and mobile face capture the audience. He works in schools but his poetry is geared to the child in each of us – if only we’d had a Paul Lyalls in our schooldays!" 2nd January, 2018




Attila the Stockbroker


"Attila the Stockbroker filled the room at Write Angle's November gig - not only with the power of his presence but by filling the space to 'standing room only' - the best attendance in a long time." 3rd December 2017

  OCTOBER Jimmy Lee "He captured all the feelings and wrapped them in tunes and words that had the audience engaged, empathising with each turn of fortune." 23rd October 2017  



Tolu Agbelusi "Tolu's voice has a musicality on its own. She shared a wide range of her experiences, emotions and ideas." 27th September 2017  

Claire Dyer

& Claire Booker


"Though their styles are quite different, both held the audience in their grip from beginning to end." 27th August 2017




Martin Figura

& Helen Ivory







Sara Hirsch "She's highly entertaining and animated and has the unique ability to switch the atmosphere in the room to suit each specific poem. Her work is sharply observant, and her storytelling, fluent and accessible." WriteOutLoud, 25th May, 2017  



Bob Hill
& Paul Canon Harris in Poetry on The Spot
"DID WRITE ANGLE PUT 'POETS, BOB AND PAUL, ON THE SPOT'?" WriteOutLoud, 11th May, 2017  

Greg Harper


'To be able to compress the essence of a story, the emotion, the cause and effect into four and a half minutes takes a rare talent and one that Greg Harper seems to have in his soul'. I think everyone there would agree with that! WriteOutLoud, 30th March, 2017  



Rob Barratt "His unique style of twisting words left one not knowing what comes next except it's bound to get laughter!" WriteOutLoud, 24th February, 2017  
  JANUARY Justin Coe "Justin Coe was just the cure Write Angle needed to begin the New Year! His burst of energy as he leapt on stage and continued on into 'overtime' almost all but wiped out the stresses and traumas of the last year! " WriteOutLoud, 25th January, 2017  









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