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  Ash Dickinson  

Ash Dickinson is a writer, poet and comedy performer.
A multiple slam champion - including Edinburgh (2007), Cheltenham (2008), the Museum of Scotland Slam (2005) - Ash won the BBC Radio 4 Midlands Slam in July 2009. In the previous BBC National Slam in 2007 he progressed through the Scottish heats, eventually finishing among the top 8 in the UK. In October 2009, he was one of only 10 poets invited to perform in the UK All Stars Slam.

Ash has appeared at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Glasgow Comedy Festival, the Bristol Poetry Festival, The Wickerman Festival, Aberdeen Wordfringe and The Camden Crawl to name just a few. He has headlined and featured at shows throughout the UK including Express Excess, The Poetry Shack, Brixtongue, Behind The Mic, Bang Said The Gun (all London), Wicked Words (Leeds), Sundown (Southend), Forked (Plymouth), The Stand Comedy Club (Edinburgh) and many others. Ash has appeared with Apples and Snakes and Hammer and Tongue and has taken his one-man show around the UK.

He had a four-star rated one man show at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the following year formed part of Scotland's renowned Big Word Performance Poetry during its run at the Edinburgh Comedy Rooms. In the summer of 2006 Ash took his revamped, and again four-star rated, one man show to Canada where he performed at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and a number of venues in Toronto.

Ash has also performed in Australia- including a regular run at a comedy club in Adelaide- the United States, and New Zealand. Having hosted his own weekly poetry night in Wellington he was invited to perform at the 2002 New Zealand Festival.

Ash has been published in a number of newspapers, magazines and poetry presses. He has compered busy cabarets and music nights, performed at private parties and supported bands. He runs poetry workshops in schools. His media appearances include BBC Radio, The Times, The Scotsman, Metro and Sweet TV.


"Dickinson's poetry is sheer magic. He's an inspiring artist with a massive imagination that swings from one unpredictable world to another." Petersfield Herald

“Brilliantly surreal invention..fabulous poems” - Edinburgh Evening News

“Impressive wordplay” - The Times

“A very cool combination of rap, rhyme, repetition and wry wit....Dickinson proves not only to be an incredibly gifted poet, but also a great comedian with a sharp eye for social commentary” - Winnipeg Free Press

“Ash Dickinson is a Performance Poet for the Lost Generation. If you haven't seen him, you haven't seen performance poetry” - Federation Of Writers (Scotland)

Weird and wonderful..refreshingly unpretentious with an obtuse humour and seemingly effortless, imaginative (yet) lucid, profound and surprisingly poignant” - Three Weeks

Amazing, this poet wields words like wicked weapons, his vivid surrealism now overlaid with darker matter...and still those remarkable rhyme forms to astound your senses -

Psychedelic funnyman...surreal, hilarious social commentary and wicked wordplay...a master of stand-up poetry” - Apples and Snakes

“Accessible and engaging...frequently self-effacing...a personable and easygoing performer...a skilled writer...he tackles the big subjects like love, identity, and nature, and handles it all with skill and finesse” - CBC Radio, Canada

“Delicious comedy, theatre and rap mash-up..a dizzying clogful of pickled lunacy”  - Venue

“Dubbing yourself 'the thinking man's Axl Rose' might appear unwise, but contemporary poet Ash Dickinson fires out lines with more forethought than your average rock singer” - Metro

“Clever and heartfelt” - Galaxy Radio, Newcastle

“Lord how I hate performance poetry but Ash Dickinson's skill with the medium had me turned around..smartly stripping his set of the pompousness and pretensions inherent in performance poetry it is better described as stand-up comedy with a rhyme scheme...for non-fans of performance poetry, prepare to have your minds changed...go see this show!” - The Jenny Revue 

“One man verbal vortex alights from Planet Ash with fast words and faster romance” - Big Word Performance Poetry

“Ash Dickinson was next and I am sorry but I was laughing so hard I hardly made any notes. Ash's imagination is slightly scary”  -

“Unusual and refreshing” - Flambard Press  












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