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  Greg Harper    

 Greg Harper is an English singer-songwriter. He was born in Shoreham-by-sea, Sussex, and still lives in the county today.

He is celebrated for his ability to combine evocative melodies with genuinely thought-provoking lyrics.

Greg was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition in 2008.

His songs have been used to promote many diverse issues. From the drawing of attention to the loss of ancient woodland, by the Woodland Trust, in 'All Gone'. To raising awareness with the campaign group Roadpeace, to the injustice of the legal system, when dealing with the issues surrounding road death with 'Mary Lou'.

Other songs draw on stories of historical truth. 'Capel-le-Ferne', described by a reviewer as "Sheer poetry", remembers the sacrifice made by 'The Few' in the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. It is written from the perspective of a veteran attending a memorial event at Capel-le-Ferne, on the cliffs near Folkstone, Kent, in 2010. 'November Sky' remembers the tragedy of the Coventry blitz from November of that same year.

There are songs about carefree childhood days, songs about adulthood, songs about the environment, and songs about love.

Greg writes with passion and honesty about our history, aspirations, loves and lives.

He has performed in many diverse venues over the last few years, ranging from folk festivals to folk clubs, pubs to parliament, theatres to farms, poetry events, castles, churches, chapels, village halls and country barns.


"Greg Harper's songs are heart-rendingly appropriate. His melodious voice, his well turned lyrics and his soaring guitar music catches his deeply-felt emotions about the issues he addresses. His lyrics are poetic; his guitar playing is masterly; and he is a true performer." - Jake Claret, Petersfield Write Angle

"To be able to compress the essence of a story, the emotion, the cause and effect into four and a half minutes takes a rare talent and one that Greg Harper seems to have in his soul." Fatea Magazine.

"Great songs." Steve Knightley. Show of Hands

"A little bit reminiscent of Ralph McTell at his best." Roy Stannard. Seahaven FM

"Penetratingly powerful songs, with lyrics that cut hard, wide and deep."

"Gossamer Wings is a very beautiful, poignant and haunting song." Philip Lymbery. CEO Compassion In World Farming

"I dropped by to have a listen to your songs. Really lovely stuff. 'Birdsong' is a beauty." Kieran Goss. Ireland

"Listen carefully. The words are precious." Chris Liddiard. White Horse Folk Club, Sussex

"There is much to admire in Greg Harper's music. He is clearly a gifted poet with a skill for creating evocative imagery. His voice is in the tradition of many great English singer-songwriters, with a rich and sonorous tonality." R2 RocknReel Magazine.

"One of the goals of Radio Riel is to play and promote the work of excellent musicians. We were so pleased to be able to feature your work." Gabrielle Riel. Radio Riel. Detroit. USA

"1960s poetic folk --Dylan, Baez, Phil Ochs, Simon & Garfunkel, et al--is the music of my 20s, and your music and lyrics take me back to that era and put me in mind of those artists, their language and music---simply presented, deeply felt." Kathleen Betsko. New York. USA

"Well Spun Lies is an album of delicious self-penned songs delivered by an English songwriter writing about his country, his experiences and the intense emotions that move his soul. The warm richness of his vocals overlay simply constructed yet enticing melodies to make this album a thought-provoking listen -- just prepare to weep as the words cut to your core."
Fatea Magazine.

"I found your piece very moving. It was one of the foundations on which I built the programme playlist."
Richard Elen.

"Songs to Contemplate and Remember." Kathy Drage. Around Kent Folk Magazine

"I am a songwriter from Canada. I was trying hard to put lyrics together on a song I've still not finished. I went looking for award-winning lyrics to get some inspiration and found your lyrics to 'So Little Gain'.  They made me choke. Awesome, amazing, beautiful lyrics".    Jacquie Drew










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