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22nd Jul 2019


No wonder The Times called Mab Jones a "unique talent"! The Guardian said she’s ‘Absolutely brilliant and The Evening Post described her as ‘A real creative force.

Mab, who came all the way from Wales, is funny, serious. Whatever she reads or shares with the audience, you know she’s totally genuine; or as Attila said, 'Mab is Ace'.

Many of her poems are about love: previous relationships that fell flat – though she holds no bitterness – and about her current partner who is perfect! At times, she announces, ‘The next poem is a bit naughty.” Somehow though, her presentation makes it almost demure.

As a performer, she commands her material and the audience. It’s easy to see why she wins so many awards, has many books of poetry published and her poetry appears in the best poetry magazines. She writes for the NY Times. Mab doesn’t rant, but allows the sense and feeling of her work dominate the room. She loves her audience and they love her. She’s highly regarded as a poet and makes Write Angle feel fortunate in being able to bring renowned performers like this to Petersfield from everywhere.

The Open Mic provided its usual varied mix but the theme of nostalgia was present for nearly all.

Richard Hawtree read about his grandmother dancing in A Pair Of Red Shoes with King Farouk in Alexandria; newcomer Jacki Golding's memoir, Fighting Back, part reminiscence, part fiction, about the West coast of Scotland; Colin Eveleigh's Watching and Waiting as a nine year old on the sea wall opposite Whale Island as a drowned girl his own age was brought out of the sea; and his Queen's Paper Boy, in which he delivers papers to the royal yacht in Portsmouth harbour; Leah's humorous ‘My Muse’ told of the result when she found that her muse deserted her and was unfaithful, and your reviewer's poem was about his fierce Polish Grandma.

The Half Moon at Sheet sponsored the raffle with a Sunday lunch for two.




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