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Jackie Juno



When Jackie Juno was a teenager she was astounded to discover that there were once many Goddess-centred cultures around the world of which she knew nothing! Thousands and thousands of years of culture which had been suppressed or passed off as ‘primitive’ – She was shocked, outraged, and excited, keen to know more. This was the beginning of a detective mission to unearth this hidden information and reclaim her birthright, her power, her inspiration.

She had always thought of herself as a witch without really knowing what it was all about; other people also labelled her as a witch (she has the classic archetypal witch appearance!) and since childhood she has had lots of psychic experiences. She started reading the tarot aged 14 and had many dreams which later came true, including being given addresses in her dreams of places she had never been, but in later years would find herself there.

Jackie moved from the city to the country, which helped her connect with this beautiful planet, and she met two older women who acted as guides in this new terrain. she lived more and more simply until sheI was living in a tipi or bender, for several years. This gave her a wealth of experience of the natural world and constant deep connection to the earth.

She has been involved in many women’s groups for the past 30 years and highly values the sisterhood that brings.

She places great importance on following her heart and her art; her creative life is absolutely vital to her, be it writing, painting, singing, ritual, performance. All these aspects of her life she feels are put to good use as a workshop facilitator and celebrant, and she loves meeting new people and sharing with groups.

Jackie is a writer, painter, performer, singer, radio presenter, comedian and celebrant. She also runs workshops in Devon and beyond, including Oracle/Tarot, Creative Writing and A Course in Goddesses.

She has performed her poetry at festivals, cabarets, nightclubs, fayres, schools, churches, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and on the street!

She has won several Poetry Slams, including the official Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam 2017, Green Gathering 2016, and Plymouth Lit Fest Oct 2017. SheI was a finalist in the National Poetry Slam at the Albert Hall, 2018.

Oxygenerators, her poem for trees, has gone a bit viral! (On facebook, that is, with over 18,000 views in two days)

She runs a monthly Poetry Open Mic in Chagford called Outspoken! And organises, comperes and performs at HOOT! Cabarets in various venues around the southwest and at festivals. She holds the title Grand Bard of Exeter (until 2019).

She has had several poetry booklets published: THE FLOWERING (2018); THIS MUCH I KNOW (2014); HISTORY’S WHISPERS (2011);
OUTSPOKEN! (2009); and micro-booklets Nursery Rhymes for Troubled Times, Fruity, and Vegetabley.











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