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Mark Niel exposes his talents at the Write Angle


Professional Poet/Performer/Comedian, the sharp and clever Mark Niel
What an extraordinary evening! Starting with David Stone, as ever - ready to start videoing, Quickly, the room filled up. Many came to read or perform. Michael Usuwana, new poet, said 'I want to go last', explaining he'd never performed before and was scared. We explained 'last' could mean he'd be sitting on nerves, waiting..When he got up- third, his emotional delivery of rap poems 'Andrew', a dad's love for his child, '(I had to be cruel to be kind)'; and 'Heartache', brought on huge applause and praise. He's a 'natural'! Another terrific poet, Dave Allen, performed 'Power of Ten', about being yourself. 'Life's not as fated as you', 'Just Not as Cool', and 'Infinite Lottery Ball' - 'Some say God created the universe. Who created God'. Philosophical and fun poems.

Nice to see Audi Maserati back. 'to feel the buzz of being here', 'Afternoon Tea with Aristotle, Billy the Kid and Les Paul. Also quoting (1957), 'The working class don't understand arts or intellectual pursuits' - it got a good laugh!. Kat Wootton, of The Post, pushing for posters around town will be pleased to hear Paula Rodda, first timer, announced she saw a Write Angle poster in Petersfield, - never heard of us, and, as she had poems with her, decided to drop in. She read , 'Fish Farming'

'used to be spear against fin' and 'Emotional Crumbs' - I lived on the crumbs you leave- not any more!'; and managed to win the 2 free meals at The Links! Matt, guitarist, came with friends, who said they didn't know Write Angle was 'like this'.. They loved it!

JeanAnne Naumczyk, 'returner to the mic', did a football poem 'must see the fate of her Arsenal team on TV' and 'Home'. ... doesn't mind moving - but wants her house with her! She's also 'thinking thin' - everyone laughed.

The talented Ivor Bundell, with harp, guitar, and two hats, was brilliant. (he's guest performer for Write Angle July '14). From his collection, 'This is England', he sang 'middle class sinking, land of freedom, land of moral poverty'. Then playing a mean harp, 'Randall, last seen in Tasmania'... Bill Don, back from 2033, on his time machine, read from a newspaper he'd found, (front page- 'Pompey Scrapes Through. Barcelona 0, Pompey 13'), Nelson Mandela, age 114 - cheap day return to Neptune...Cameron asked to join EU, and finally raised the roof, as he revealed the lottery nos for the £753 billion prize! (Watch this space!)

Andy Comley, beautiful unique voice and great guitar style, sang of a blue boat on Petersfield Heath and of 'outdoor goings-on (Alsatians and poodles) he's definitely worth watching! - and he's 43, single, living at home.(for those interested)..Speekezewerdhogge, read about 'war on drugs', addiction, homelessness - talked of the hypocrisy of medicinal drugs vs marijuana. And, from 'Out on a Limb', 'I may be homeless but that's no reason to pick the meat from my humanity...' Then 'War on What' – how 'America looks for liquid honey'. A great poet!

Maria Hewett read 'Aftermath', 'Bacchus', and 'Passion' – from love to hate, where she stabs him and goes swimming. Strong emotional poems! Julie Berry, visitor from Canada, accidentally picked up a book of Gilbert White's (Selbourne) diary, in an old book shop there, .and read it end to end – fascinated by the man. As a 'fellow'Naturist, she's spent the last 3 years reading, writing about him and visiting Selbourne, The Royal Botanical Institute and Brookford cemetery. Jake, compère, did a poem on his grandfather, 'Mystery Man' proving his name should really have been 'Jack Walker' – not Claret!.

Bruce Parry, did 'Bonfire Memories' - from the past – Guy Fawkes, with heretics and sorcerers burned - to 'faces warm and glowing, to future, 'we sleep while the fire grows more fuel for our children's children'. Great imagery! Jilly Funnell (and guitar) started with 'I write poetry about women - only about women...Women who want something. Don't get it. Get it. Want it. Get it. Don't want it. to.....forget it......everyone laughed. Then, 'I've Got a House Like Mrs Marple's House' – The 'Perfect English House with lots and lots of Mrs Marple's books'. Fun poem – everything so perfect, no one would ever guess she'd stolen the plot!' - then, with guitar, she sang 'The Encouraging Tale of a Lonely Heart'. Moral. Don't start with Dublin Ladies!' Another performer to watch!

Last but definitely far from least, the Guest Performer, Professional Poet/Performer/Comedian, the sharp and clever Mark Niel (won 8 prizes in poetry slams in one year!) starting with his name always spelled wrong, then went on to the man whose wife left him 'taking the satellite dish'! Now commissioned to write poetry, he did one for a couple (both in IT) getting married. Very funny. 'He was pc. When single, they were browsers. She hopes his toolbar isn't microsoft'. 'May they always be the apple mac in each other's eyes'. ..

He spoke of how, two years ago, the time of the Royal Wedding, the council offered him the position of First Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes – only to be told by everyone 'how sh...y Milton Keynes really is – He didn't get mad - but even! Derby? 'Dead End Rural Back Yard'. Swindon? 'Sh....y wasteland. If near, do one now.' He dashed them out one after another!

His advert for a cat. 'His cat meows with stress every two beats.. My cat is an Iambic cat!!!' Mark's 'My half of the Fridge', poem is always a winner. Screaming at 'her' for 'stealing sausages, being untidy with her half. Cutting his cheese with a knife while she just rips off a piece. 'And the rent she owes me! (we won't tell you the ending- yes we will. It's his mother!). One of the many good reasons for seeing Mark in action! His work is diverse including 'Sweet sixteen and never been kissed' – going through emotional hell. Finally meeting 'her'! He believes 'It's never too late to follow your fate - and live every day like you've had your first kiss'! Then, as he's involved in schools - Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep, goes searching and ends up 'sheepless in Seattle'. One of his best, 'A Disgusting Ogre's Dinner'. He said the kids in school love that one! 'I'm a big evil disgusting ogre. The sausages on my plate are really human..Mark was an actor and he projects with great theatrical abilities and powerful beautiful singing voice. You want to hear more!.

What drives him to be a poet? 'Truth and Arts Council Funding'! He ultimately admitted 'true poets have to expose themselves'.....followed by 'I am ... sexually attracted to... audiences' and began undressing – to laughter galore. He's a very clever and funny man. His trademark is his traditional dark suit, white shirt and tie. He is a gentleman, with or without his shirt and tie – and also a true poet/comedian, who loves his poetry with a passion! Another great Write Angle evening!






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