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Hannah Chutzpah is a performance poet, writer, activist, feminist, socialist, smartass, and a klutz. She had been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists, as ‘of good character’ by a high court judge, and as a ‘potential maggot-thrower’ by the Metropolitan police.

She studied creative writing at UEA, and runs the Whippersnapper Press which runs an annual Vogon Poetry Slam. On a number of occasions her poetry has made people cry. Apparently in a good way.

Hannah has been published in the Guardian and the Independent. Her one-woman show about permission ‘Asking Nicely’ received five stars at the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2014 and will come back re-vamped for 2015. Her poetry is funny, feminist and often heartfelt. Hannah has played a number of festivals (Edinburgh Fringe, Leefest, Nozstock) and gigs in various cities. She occasionally runs workshops in schools or for adults, and she booked the creative writing programme for Nine Worlds Geekfest for a couple of years.

Nice reviewers have said:

“Her poems are performed with an infectious energy … Chutzpah’s confidence and determination are inspiring: this is a gorgeous, life-affirming, empowering show. I left at least three inches taller.” – Three Weeks

“A show about permission delivered from a feminist perspective, which sounds like it might be short on laughs but which is actually full of light-touch humour and bubbly poems.” – Kirsten Luckins, Apples & Snakes

“Hannah delighted the room with poems laced with puns and elegant, elaborate language. By turns comic and poignant, political and surreal, Hannah’s poetry made the audience laugh and made them think, a dangerous combination.” – Literary Ely

“What’s best about the show is the way that Chutzpah‘s language dances around and beneath the show’s complex ideas as she explores the permissions we ask and take with a deft and playful touch. Fascinating ideas, expressed eloquently, amusingly and with supreme lyricism.” – Sabotage Reviews

Other stuff:

She writes feminist pop-culture blogs for Bad Reputation
She volunteers with Netpol – the network for police monitoring
She was a finalist in the Sheila McKechnie Foundation’s Campaigner Awards (London Social Justice Category)
Professionally Hannah is a web editor and copywriter, formerly in academia and publishing, now working for charities.
Hannah is twenty-nine years old and lives in London with her three grandchildren and thirty cats.










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