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A selection from the many people who have helped to make our events a success, with a huge variety of different talents and styles. Many have been regular contributors to our gigs.

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  Jilly's Videos Paddy's Video Dick's Video Chris's Videos Liz's Video  
  Dave's Videos JeanAnne's work Colin's Video John's Video Brendan's Video  
  Nick's Video Barry's Videos Richard's Videos John's Videos Erfan's Videos  
  John's Video Ryan's Video Kevin's Videos Michael's Videos David's Videos  
  Jezz's Videos Her videos Jood's Video Mataio's Video    
  Harry's Videos Ray's Videos Brian's Video Richard's Video Martin's Video  
  Tasha's Video Michael's Videos George's Video Turi's Video Tony's Videos  
  Gilly's Video Bill's Video Elspeth's Video Tom's Videos Chris' Videos w Greg Harper  
  Lysander's Videos Chris' Videos Maria's Video Stephen's Video Nick's Video  
  Brian's Videos Krystyna's Videos Tim's Videos Jenk's Videos  
  Ron's Video Russell's Video Phyllida's Video Felicity's Video Peter's Video  
  Janet's Video Jacqui's Video Rachel's Video Liam's Video Mick's Videos  
  John's work Gareth's Video Chloe's Video Matt's Video Thom's Work  
  Kirsty's Video Bill & Poppy's Video Mike's Video Christina's Video  
  Andy's Videos Roy's work Carrie Carrie's Video Tim's Video Rod's Video  
  Sorrel's Video Brassneck's Videos Caroline's Video Armando's Work  
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