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Anthony Fairweather



Anthony Fairweather is possibly the only Performance Poet who comes with Speech Impediment supplied as standard. However this has not stopped him from becoming a multiple poetry slam winner who has supported John Cooper-Clarke, Elvis McGonagall, Byron Vincent and many others.

His performance style is fast-paced, rhyming and rhythmical with poems that can be political, satirical and nonsensical, sometimes all at the same time.

His path to performing started in 1998 when he went away to University to learn how to be a grown up. However, his brain decided it didn't want to be a grown up and had a nervous breakdown in protest. In early 2004, after several years of struggling with mental problems and now at rock-bottom, he saw a documentary about the late, great Les Dawson. In it, it was revealed how Les had had a tough upbringing where he kept a diary in which he became obsessed with failure. It was revealed that in this diary he sometimes wrote poems about what he was going through. Anthony thought “I wonder if I could do that..?”
…and he did.

Throughout 2004 he wrote many poems about his mental state, and they helped him. Then in 2005 things began to improve. After seeing some of Spike Milligan’s poems, (both nonsensical and serious) he decided to write lighter poems as well. In the Autumn of that year he returned to University and showed his poems to his new psychiatrist (a Dr. Dawson), who as a result of reading them diagnosed him with Asperger’s Syndrome in early 2006. It was one of the best days of his life as finally he knew why he is like he is.

In August 2006, Anthony took the plunge and took part in a poetry open- mic in Birmingham. Afterwards he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

Having returned home, he started performing regularly at open-mics. He also wrote a book called “The Mindset of a Mental Patient” which tells the story of his life coping with mental health problems in poems and prose. It was published by Chipmunka Publishing and reached No.4 in their Bestseller list.

In 2009, things moved up a gear. He performed at the Grand Opening of The Art House in Southampton and also in a well-received show called Anthony Fairweather & Friends at The Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton.

Later that year he performed his one-man show called 'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Britannia?' at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Moving into 2010, things moved up another gear. He entered 7 poetry slams, winning 5* of them consecutively and also supported several well known poets such as Elvis McGonagall, Byron Vincent, Pete the Temp and Inua Ellams. He also made 5 appearances as guest of Comedy Radio Boscombe on Hope FM and also appeared on the Allan Turner-Ward Show.

Recently, he relocated to London to find new outlets to perform in. He has won more poetry slams, co-starred in a critically acclaimed show at the Exeter Fringe Festival and supported John Cooper-Clarke in Bournemouth.

*Winner of the Cambridge Hammer & Tongue: March 2012
*Winner of the Farrago! New Year Slalm 2012
*Winner of the Utter! Nutters Paid-Gig Contest: July 2011
*Winner of the Purbeck Arts Festival Poetry Slam: June 2011
*Winner of the Ejector Seat Festival Poetry Slam: June 2011

Anthony Fairweather, a poetry slam champion has a speech impairment but can give Eminem competition once he starts rhyming.”
(Sherwin Coelho, Bournemouth Daily Echo)

"One moment, he's talking to the audience, next, he's ranting a poem as part of his natural conversation. And he hits hard with cynicism..." Life in Petersfield

"His shafts of vitriol strike home on matters that certainly resonate with this reviewer and probably with most thinking people". - Arthur Duncan

"A Strong and Talented Performance Poet" - The Herald

"Anthony Fairweather defied the human need to breathe to deliver a seamless medieval poetic jig which only lacked a lute". - A.D. Hutchings (Flaneur Magazine)

“Anthony Fairweather is a marvellous poet and a fine performer. His poems are quirky and catchy, his delivery flowing, yet enthused. He is also the nicest, politest poet I have ever met. I recommend him to audiences and organisers wholeheartedly.” - Mab Jones – Promoter, Event Organiser and Poet











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