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Tuesday, 21st May

7.15 for 7.30

Special Guest

Jackie Juno

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For Poems about Write Angle by Mark Niel (Poet Laureate of  Milton Keynes), audi maserati and Thom World Poet




We had Pete the Temp booked for June but he wrote and said he wasn't able to make it.

Meantime, we got an email from Jackie Juno that she wasn't able to do November and as she was coming from so fa, (360 miles). She didn't want to come unless she could plan many other gigs around ours.

LeahI told her we did have an opening for this June and she wrote back if it was the 18th (and it is) she could do it!

She had made plans around that time to be in this area, so fortunately, she's able to perform for us. I'm very pleased because she was with us before and she's really brilliant. Very funny and clever and heartwarming - very talented lady. So, though our plans have been changed, we're delighted!





























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