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Tuesday, 21st November

7.15 for 7.30

Special Guest

Attila the Stockbroker

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For Poems about Write Angle by Mark Niel (Poet Laureate of  Milton Keynes), audi maserati and Thom World Poet



Hello, delighted to see you have Attila on, and unless I get a drumming gig on that date ( nothing in the diary yet), I'll definately be there.
Attila was an active participant for years along with me, with Climate Camp, the nationwide climate activist organisation: we opposed the use and renewal of coal-fired power stations, additional airport runways, companies and banks investing in environmentally harmful developments like mining, oil-tar sand extraction, fracking, etc-- and also acted to support companies developing improved alternative power technologies and ethical investment....
We in turn supported Attila's own little music- and- beer& cider festival, "Glastonwick", held near hamlet of Wick in the downs north of Lancing, Sussex, working as crowd stewards and environmental cleanup crew.
It'll be great to see him again.
As to agreeing with his political ideas:-- if people don't support them, then they're probably not paying close enough attention to the real world around them! I am currently on the West coast of BC, Canada. Will be back home in a few days, see you soon!































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