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Write Angle NEWS


Tuesday, 19th June

7.15 for 7.30

Special Guest

Adrian Brown

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For Poems about Write Angle by Mark Niel (Poet Laureate of  Milton Keynes), audi maserati and Thom World Poet



After the July Write Angle, our Guest wrote to complain about inappropriate material and comments that she saw as racist. We have apologised to her and contacted a few of our audience to get their reactions.

After 12 years, and not making a penny out of it, we're not about to destroy all the effort we put into Write Angle. It's not our practice to offend anyone. We have learned our lesson and will pay particular attention to making sure that we are sensitive to the possibility of offense.

We are apologising unreservedly for our actions and hope people will understand nothing was done to deliberately offend anyone.

Jake and Leah































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