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31st May, 2018 


Rob Johnston's not just a one-man-band but a one-man-orchestra. - with his steel stringed guitar and a looper, he creates a huge range of sounds: sometimes bell-like, at other times, almost oriental, as in Cathy's Bells. He admitted he has difficulty with titles so sticks a pin in the map; and wherever it lands (this time on a small Scottish fishing village which gave him The Race to Coldbackie), a lot of rhythms blended together with his looping pedal! He plays intuitively with a charm and professionalism that makes it hard not to feel mesmerised. He easily brings humour into his music and communicates well with his audience. First time we had a visit from one of the owners of the pub/bistro who stayed for a while and ended up saying 'He's good!' and applauding.

Rob's developing a following of his own as he goes from gig to gig. This isn't his first time with us and hopefully won't be his last!

Meanwhile, at the open mic, newcomer Toby Bourke, the only Irishman to have recorded a duet with George Michael, freshly arrived in Petersfield, played and sang two of his own songs, The Things I Said Tonight - “When this game we play so many times leaves us lying here for dead....” - and Diesel Driving Blues. He sings with great passion and has a range from hard and loud to sentimental. The guy's got talent and we hope to see him again.

In contrast, Andy Forsyth's monologue dealt with a transforming experience of his life; followed by the superb poet, Richard Hawtree's The Garden WindowDigital DetoxPastorelle and The North Cork Dawn.

Leah did I Wanna Live in a Rainbow Tree - “I wanna know that you'll be there, that you'll never leave.” - You Can't Stop Age - “When did this start....the day you were born?” - To a Beautiful Girl - “She'll never know until it wings away.” Your reviewer read My Polish Grandma - “Under five feet, full of guts and fury, Booba could reduce strong men to tears and The Royal Wedding, a somewhat cynical view of the last such event.

Shocking as it seems, Leah, Richard and Verlaine were discussing performers not seen for a long time when Audi Maserati's name came up, 'what's he been doing? Where is he? Anyone see him? 'It's been a few years now. He's not likely to come back' was the response when...the door swung open and in walked…..(ready?)…. Audi! Now, how likely is that!

After the initial shock, we all applauded. It was a joy to see Audi again – a joy to hear him perform, The Buzz of Being - “I want to feel the hit of being absurd.....I want to be here.” Then This World Sparkles – This is the best sunset I've ever seen.....and everyone is kind of mellow.”

He certainly added to an unforgettable evening full of old and new talent, and Richard again won the raffle - a £50 voucher from the excellent Nags Head in Chichester, with its delicious carvery and extensive à la carte menu.

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