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5th February 2010 - Peterfield Infant School

Poetry Workshops run by JeanAnne Naumczyk and Leah Cohen


  Leah and JeanAnne of Write Angle spent a wonderful and refreshing morning at the Petersfield Infant School with three classes of 30 kids each.

The object was to fill an 'imaginary zoo' with 3 imaginary animals, one suggested by each class! To do this, there was about 45 mins with each class.

The children had to name the animal, describe it, say what it eats, what it likes to do, and what it's afraid of. After they workshopped in a large group and in individual groups (with the help of the teachers, of course!) this is what they came up with.


A Trunkmunk has one hundred light legs
He loves to eat metal pegs

He's scared of spiders
He's scared of ants

He flies all day
And swims in his pants!



'Flubberdubs' have furry tummies
and six thousand wings
They eat nuts, bolts and eyeballs
and all sorts of things!

They are scared of people
and slobby monsters, too
They throw mud at humans
so we need one for our zoo!


He has a furry bottom and red googly eyes
One hundred and nine frilly heads and giant spotty feet

He likes to eat humans and mice cakes too
And he drinks worm slime in the corner of the zoo.

He's scared of foxyboxers and little new-born chicks
He sleeps in the summer and teaches butterflies, tricks!










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