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11th December 2007
Upstairs at the Square Brewery

Christmas Event

  Our 5th Performance eve found Write-Angle hosting a buffet of entertainment more extensive than its original 'Poetry-Only' evening. For one thing, we had an actual buffet - prepared by The Square Brewery. Brian Harris, our 'music man' was off on a gig although he set up his audio equipment for us to use. Although on the morning of the 11th, we still had no music, by the start of the evening, there were three guitarists and singers, Darren from London, Peter, from a houseboat in Chichester, and Jezz, from The Square Brewery - All three had their own styles and complimented the evening with real 'panache'.

Jezz lent some 'fun heckling' adding to the informality. There were two mini-pantos. 'Cinderella' by Leah Cohen, an avid Cindy fan, and 'Snow White and the 7 horny dwarfs' by 'first time writer' Jayne Hardy. The audience participated by reading the parts, much to the amusement of all. Roy Woodard did his stories amusing us all with the rantings of his electrician, and of course, there was poetry. Special guest Gareth Toms performed to the hilt with some really good stuff. Other poets came forth. Maggie Rhodes, Liz Davies and some new people from the audience.

The greatest 'sound' is that of people who've been coming over and over, finally saying 'I'm gonna read mine next time!' so yes, we don't take poetry out of the venue.









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