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Shedman is writer and poet John Davies who's inspired by all kinds of sheds. With a highly proactive approach, he creates a fascinating visitor attraction, enthralling workshops and lively events using sheds as the focus for a uniquely poetic interaction with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Shedman is the alter ego of writer and poet John Davies, inspired by all kinds of sheds – garden sheds and aircraft hangars, shed antlers or skins, shedding tears or shedding light. I create workshops and events that explore the place of the shed – and poetry – in everyone's hearts. He's writing a book about his experiences Round Britain by Shed.

Shedman has spawned dozens of emulators and triggered a complete category of site specific micro-venue installations, but he remains the authentic original and master of the small space literary interaction.

Shedman is a PR dream. The press just can't resist a poet popping up in a surprising location in a shed. Shedman has been poet in residence at The Shed online magazine and he’s featured in the book Shedmen published by New Holland Press, on BBC 2’s Gardeners’ World, on BBC Radio 5 Live and on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, as well as numerous local radio stations.

Shedman encourages anyone interested in poetry and writing as a mode of expression, advising them about how to develop and publish their work. He once ran a poetry publisher so he really knows the ropes.










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