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Sara Hirsch



Sara Hirsch is a London based performance poet, known for her witty, accessible and heartfelt poetry, Sara challenges the world around her, through stories, poetry and comedy.She's unique and a very special talent. - or, as informed by a very reliable source, 'If you get her to perform for you, you've got the best!'

A multiple Slam Winner (including Hammer and Tongue, Genesis and Nozslam) she was UK Slam Champion, (2013/14) ;came third in the World Slam Championships in Paris, and was semi finalist in the European Slam Championships(2014). She also received the Farrago award for Best Slam Performance (2013) and was voted runner up in the 'Hammer and Tongue National Slam Finals' (2014).

Sara has performed across the UK, including radio, television. She featured at 'Richmix' , (Apples & Snakes -London),Hammer and Tongue, (PleasanceTheatre, Edinburgh), Southbank Centre, The Larmer Tree Festival, MAC Birmingham,the Brighton Dome and Nozstock.

She was Poet in Residence at 'Bang Said The Gun' on BBC Radio 2, and performed live on BBC at The Edinburgh Fringe with Anneka Rice. Sara also regularly hosts 'Hammer and Tongue, Camden' and since September, has producedthe 'Genesis Slam', London's only regular 3 round slam.

A published poet, Sara is proud to feature in the Emma Press, 'Fatherhood anthology', 'The Groundation Project Anthology,and the online literary magazine, 'Commas and Colons'. She has also been known to write the odd Haiku, (normally including a terrible pun).

Sara just premiered her debut solo show, ' How Was it For You?' at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as performing at a number of festivals including 'Larmer Tree', Nozstock) and a coveted spot within the Glastonbury line up. She will be going on to perform at over a hundred gigs and events within the next year, all over the UK and abroad, plus on radio and TV!


"On stage, Sara's as natural and confident as if she was born there. Words pour out; her voice and eyes carrying them as if she's speaking just to you. Her poetry varies and runs a fine line between being totally hilarious and deeply poignant. She's highly entertaining and animated and has the unique ability to switch the atmosphere in the room to suit each specific poem. Her work is sharply observant, and her storytelling, fluent and accessible."  (Petersfield Write Angle)

'It's impossible not to be dazzled by the inventiveness of the writing and the unerring precision of the delivery'. (The Scotsman),

'With smart narrative technique, slick rhymes, a breath-taking play of rushed words and juxtaposing views on love and love lost, Sara’s show is eloquent and slightly mad, in equal senses. She has a beautiful way with words.” (Cuckoo Review),

'Hirsch gave an electric energy to her witty and moving piece and proved her status as UK Slam Champion to be well earned.” (Broadway Baby).

“Rodgers was to be outshone only by Sara Hirsch, who produced the stand-out performance of the show. Her poem S and T were here is a triumph, both in terms of content and presentation. Hirsch gave an electric energy to her witty and moving piece, and proved her status as current UK Slam Champion to be well-earned.”  - Broadway Baby Review for “Word Cafe” Pleasance Edinburgh 2014

Sara Hirsch has only relatively recently moved her focus from scripts to her own poetic musings. As a trained actor, she’s fresh faced, London based and already had the skills necessary to project herself to wider audience, but the success she’s had in her first year as an active performance poet is remarkable. Powerful, poignant and punchy, she will be pulling out all the plosives she’s packing for Paris and sharing them with you”  - Mark Thompson- promoter 2014

“I’ll be honest – I love Sara Hirsch and believe me, I’m not one for sickly fawning, but I really do. I love the witty rhythmic journey she takes the audience on, the highs and the falls of events, expressed through the highs and the lows in the movement of her voice. She is a master of brevity, fluidity and building tension. She has the ability to capture the imagination of the audience in the smallest of descriptions. Sara is the epitome of what spoken word means. Spoken word is unlike anything else, it is a shared experience. In her writing, Sara takes her own experience, and makes it shared, takes it apart and in doing so, says something to all of us, about all of us, that we have always known, but never before noticed.” - Unpublishables Website

Sara’s poetry is extremely varied and sometimes runs a very fine line between being utterly hilarious and deeply poignant. Her performances are always highly entertaining and often acutely animated; Sara has the unique ability to flip the atmosphere in the room to suit each specific poem. Her work is sharply observant, and her storytelling fluent and accessible. - ”Interview in Miro Magazine 2014 - Interviewed by Daisy Thurston-Gent













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