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  Rachel Pantechnicon


She has performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Glastonbury, Latitude, Chats Palace and numerous other poetry/cabarets in London and the UK.

'A young woman in heels, classic skirt and blouse, blue bow tucked in ash blonde hair, pink heart shaped purse hanging across her side, awkwardly walks to the stage. She's in a world of her own. The room goes silent as she looks around. It doesn't take long before the room is full of laughter and joy as she shares stories about Harold, her cat. How he was in a box which was accidentally switched with a similar one with a jug-eared cup in it. She talks of all the elves on her shelves in her kitchen. She's obsessive, '1,2,3..must read poem' she mumbles to herself. Her material is 'off the wall', highly imaginative, full of a childlike quality, and she has won over the entire audience who can't stop laughing. She pulls out props including children's books she's written and each has a hilarious story. Is she a poet, a comic? Who cares. She has transformed the room to hysterics.' - Petersfield Herald

'Either from in the audience or from the wings (as it were) she makes me so very happy - you're in for a treat, as is anyone in the audience who hasn't seen her before.' - Comedian and Performance Poet AF Harrold

'Technicolour suburban entertainment' - John Hegley

'I was weeing myself' - Sue Perkins, at the Old Vic, Jan 2005

'Rachel Pantechnicon of London was my favorite performer that I saw on the whole tour. Pure creative genius.' - Buddy Wakefield, US Poetry Slam Champion, December 2004


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View the YouTube of Rachel's performance at Write Angle's Gala Performance at the Studio@TPS on 31st March 2009  









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