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  Project Adorno


With their eclectic marriage of poetry and electronic soundscapes, they will be presenting one of the most challenging acts on the London spoken-word circuit today.

They've already produced many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, each focusing on a different theme including 'libraries', 'Doctor Who', 'Erik Satie' and 'the London Underground'.

In their retro '60 striped blazers, they draw on influences as diverse as French chanson, Cockney music-hall and '80s electro-pop. Their brand of beat-poetry has been performed successfully at various venues throughout the UK. They've produced many CDs; their latest being 'Underground Overdue'.

Dennis Potter – you loved him or you hated him – as portrayed by Project Adorno in song and off-beat poetry!


TV dramatist Dennis Potter was the ultimate Marmite figure – you either loved him or hated him. One minute, he managed to delight millions with 'The Singing Detective', (BBC top TVseries that won the Peabody Award) and the next, he caused outrage with 'Blackeyes' (another TV series showing what goes on in the heads of men and women).

Electro-pop duo Project Adorno present an ambient segue of original songs, samples and spoken-word, charting Potter's journey from miner's cottage to international acclaim - and ultimate redemption.


'Project Adorno was chosen to perform their work on the renowned late TV dramatist, playwright and author in the Underground Venue ofThe Old Hall Hotel, 'appropriately' run by the Potters for over 50 years!
The two young men, who make up 'Project Adorno', armed with guitars, and against a background of PowerPoint presentation and voiceovers, trace the short life and talented works of Dennis Potter.
The story is told in full circle, from Potter’s humble beginnings as the son of a coalminer to his rise to fame, and untimely death at 59.
The entire production was researched by the Adorno duo, who then composed the lyrics in blank verse and spoken word, reproducing visual images of the buildings and milestones of Potter's short life.
Underground Venues 16th July 2016.

The duo has to be admired for their talent and enthusiasm in generating a unique and very enjoyable nostalgic work! (Jackie Corrigan. Buxton Fringe).












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