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  Paul Lyalls  

Paul's work is funny, fast-moving, hip, accessible, rhythmic, clever and real. He has run hundreds of workshops in secondary and primary schools, youth projects and prisons.

As a performance poet, he has gigged 10 Edinburgh festivals, 1 Eton College and 5 Glastonbury's. Paul has worked & performed with Michael Rosen, George Best, Jean Binta Breeze, Will Self, john Hegley, Benjamin Zepphaniah & Andrea Leavy to name but a few. Paul has also been selected as as one of the London 2012 Olympic 'Shake the Dust' Poets & 2012 Smile London Poets and many prestigious venues in cities as diverse as New York to Belfast. In 2008, he was Poet for the London Borough of Brent, becoming the first poet to perform at the New Wembley stadium. Paul presented and starred alongside former World Poetry Slam Champion Kat Francois in the BBC/CBBC television programme 'The Big Slam Poetry House'. He is currently working with Arsenal Football Club to help them and their young fans celebrate the clubs 125th Anniversary. He is host of one of London's longest-running and best-loved nights 'Express Excess' and of BBC TV's 'Big Slam Poetry House', reading from his witty debut collection 'Catching the Cascade'.

He has 2 poems published in the new 'Michael Rosen's A-Z of poetry' (Penguin/puffin). In 2005, he was invited to take part in the Cheltenham Literature Festival's 'All star poetry slam show'. Paul returned to Cheltenham in 2009 performing to a 400 strong crowd supporting Michael Rosen. He has performed with Will Self, John Hegley,Jean ‘Binta' Breeze, Roger McGough, John Cooper Clarke, Andrea Leavy, George Best and Michael Rosen. More unusual gigs have included opening for 'The Libertines' and appearing on the national news, as a result of a scheme to bring poetry to the masses, in which Paul performed on a regular working No73 bus as it wound it way through Central London to Oxford St.

Paul wrote and starred in the sell-out Edinburgh family show. His poetry is funny and moving and his poetry workshops produce extraordinary poems from children of all ages. Paul has been poet in residence at 7 Secondary Schools and 11 Primary Schools. His new full collection 'Catching the cascade' (Flipped eye) is available from all bookshops and Amazon & has been shortlisted for the 2012 People's Book Prize. His Children's collection 'Are we nearly there yet?' is on its 3rd reprint.

Paul offers over 15 years experience as live poet, working with children and adults. He has successfully held his own at Edinburgh's notorious late night Fringe club (back in its bear pit days) to captivating Reception class (for the whole of the morning).


'Has an eye for the Absurd...his views on life's fleeting moments are poignant' - The Daily Mail

'Paul swept away the audience with his natural charisma.' The Herald

'Always charismatic.' The London Evening Standard

'Poetry with attitude... somewhere between Bradford and the Lower East Side ' The Independent

'A very talented poet ' The Stage

'Very, very, very funny and very, very, very feel-good' National Union of Students Magazine

'Lyalls has an unerring and endearing instinct for the absurd. However as with all the best comic verse, Lyalls most effectively uses humour to tiptoe across more uncomfortable human realities...Lyalls is never less than clarity itself, which allows me to be similarly clear in my wholehearted recommendation of such an engaging and unusual collection" Patrick Neate (costa Novel prize winner) The London Review

'Paul is a wonderful and polished performer. He is funny, warm and – his timing is perfect –He involves the audience and they're with him from start to finish!' WriteOutLoud

'Like a classy box of Chocolates you can dip into without having to read the key.' National Association Of Writers

'I very Much enjoyed your deadpan, sparse-parse-verse. Matzeltov.' Will Self

'His performances brim with assurance and laconic flair...Throughout the poetry throws itself with wondeful rhythm and unpredictable turn of phrase.' Write Out Loud

'Extremely good poetry, but smiles too much.' John Hegley

'A gifted poet...his work is witty, well constructed and well delivered.' The Stage

'...words of wit, wisdom and intelligence. Apples and Snakes

'I very much like Paul Lyalls' Will Self

About 'Catching the Cascade 'Exploring the motif's of childhood, love, consumerism, secondhand cars and his native North, Lyalls paints a breathless montage of warm and atmospheric images to absorb...there isn't a word wasted...should be read and reread' The Book Trust



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